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Copywriting across menswear and womenswear for luxury skiwear brand Moncler, working to support the in-house Copywriter with press releases and online editorial storytelling. 




















Break clouds and boundaries with Defying Skylines, a dynamic menswear collection of hyper-technical layers for high-rise occasions. Heavy enforced fabrics as acclimatized to mountain peaks as rooftop parties, precision crafted to carve up slopes and cut through crowds. Tread carefully, the harshest to navigate conditions are found up high - but altitude is no match for Moncler’s innate attitude, exemplified in airy, ubiquitous down jackets underpinned with the most intentional of technicalities. 


The sleek Maures longue saison jacket merges alpine performance with streetwear sensibility, with optical logo detailing and a purposeful silhouette that caters to the requirements of both climate and cloakroom. Continuing this frisson of contrasts is the Strahlborn: a classic parka crafted in all-black longue saison nylon that is as understated as it is outspoken. Elongated proportions and a generously appointed hood communicate protection alongside allegiance, courtesy of the addition of the high-shine Moncler motif. 


The Varo owes its lightness not only to the innovative injection of down, but also the spirit with which Moncler approaches cross-functionality. Cut to the thigh in earth-tone micro cotton, it’s a casual option that can be comfortably repurposed should events veer off course. Unzip the hardware closures to expose the crew neck knit styled beneath, featuring blended wool branded with a transparent print for an elegant distinction that feels unmistakably Moncler. 


The collection is not complete without accessories. Evocative of pristine mountain tops, the Argens travel backpack is a fusion of hiking details that exudes form and function in equal abundance. Ready to accompany the ascent on slope or stairwell is the Bubble boot: an evolution from sneaker form, prepped to climb even the loftiest social ladder with its globular cleated sole.

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